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PlasmaPay Cryptocurrency Platform Review: More Than Just a Wallet

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PlasmaPay is an innovative multifunctional crypto wallet, built on the basis of the cross-border fintech platform PlasmaBank and seeking to answer the needs of those looking for security, anonymity, and convenience when using their assets.

Since its launch in Estonia, PlasmaPay has quickly spread through Europe: Germany, Britain – and continued in Asia: Singapore and Hong Kong. As of today, the wallet is being used by users in over 80 countries and growing.

As of today, PlasmaPay supports BTC, LTC, ETH, and DASH. Ripple and EOS are coming soon while others are planned for the near future.

The customer above else

PlasmaPay is focused on developing a modern, high-quality and secure service to help facilitate everyday crypto-related work and drive mainstream adoption.

By leveraging Big Data analytics and by studying the needs of its customer base, PlasmaPay has and will continue to successfully develop advanced processing electronic payments and using cryptocurrencies in acquiring.

Built by a team of professionals

“We have long been assembling a strong international team of developers with competences in various fields: from the banking sector to e-commerce and blockchain,” Ilia Maksimenka, CEO of PlasmaPay remarked.

The company’s current goal is the development of a multifunctional cross-platform blockchain wallet for both users and businesses from all the countries, whose regulatory policies do not outlaw the use of cryptocurrency assets.

More than just intuitive

Using PlasmaPay is so seamless that anyone in no time can do it. The registration process is done via an intuitive interface that does not take more than 30 seconds to complete, after which you can immediately top up your wallets and use them. Don’t worry, through — all of your information is safe from fraud, and work with it is conducted in compliance with the new GDPR standards.

After additional verification, you will be able to use your MasterCard or Visa to purchase cryptocurrency with some of the market’s lowest commision rates. You don’t have to believe me, just see for yourself!

Furthermore, PlasmaPay checks transactions to see if the entered address is correct and eliminates the possibility of losing your assets due to a mistake in the beneficiary wallet address. For further convenience, the wallet also offers you to send funds by writing the recipients’ email address or name.

PlasmaPay has an integrated calculator that will give you a live calculation of the average blockchain commission for each transfer. Moreover, the wallet lets you choose whether you or the recipient will pay for the transfer. This makes it easier for you to pay business-related bills and include commissions in the transfer itself.

Networking and Contacts

To help those who work in network marketing, with large communities, or with multi-level referral systems, PlasmaPay has integrated a “Networking” tab. There, you can easily collect all of your contacts by connecting to Gmail or adding them manually, and automate payments for them. This makes payments easier and faster than ever before. In fact, soon all internal transfers will be instant and free of cost!

Bitfinex Integration

To make cryptocurrency exchange at a market rate without leaving the platform possible, PlasmaPay has closely integrated with Bitfinex — the largest Hong Kong-based digital assets exchange in the world with over $1 billion in daily turnover. Bitfinex is the most liquid exchange, meaning that users can exchange at the lowest rates possible.

News and analytics

PlasmaPay collects all information about the cryptocurrency market, and its financial analysists are prepared to advise on the market situation as well as new technological upgrades of popular blockchains.

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PlasmaPay helps people and businesses work globally, without limits and restrictions.

  • create a wallet for any of the popular cryptocurrencies;
  • exchange cryptocurrency to fiat and back at the best price on the market;
  • buy cryptocurrency using the card without hidden fees;

Take the first step to the financial future and check how it works, by your own experience!

PlasmaPay is offering free Plasma coins to all users who sign up through their Telegram bot. For more information, please check out PlasmaPay’s website.

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