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Stratis Full Node Release Enables Blockchain Development with C# and.NET

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Enterprise blockchain company Stratis has announced the production release of its C# Full Node software. In a blog post published December 12, 2018, Stratis explained that the software’s codebase is built on top of Microsoft’s .NET Core architecture and written in the C# programming language. The company believes that migrating to a C# based implementation will not only improve the performance of the underlying blockchain, but also provide more familiarity to third-party developers.

Smart Contracts with C#

The release of the C#-based Full Node marks a significant development milestone for the Stratis development team. It will notably replace StratisX, a provisional full node that has been in use by the platform since its initial coin offering in 2016. While StratisX only allowed the company to develop a decentralized cryptocurrency under the ticker STRAT, the new C# Full Node will serve as a software development kit (SDK).

For the uninitiated, Stratis aims to simplify enterprise adoption of blockchain technology by offering the ability to create smart contracts on top of the existing Stratis framework. Since the entire platform is now built using the C# programming language and the .NET framework, most developers do not have to learn new skills for blockchain development. According to a survey conducted by Stack Overflow in 2018, over one-third of all professional developers are already using the language.

The familiarity Stratis aims to offer is in stark contrast to existing blockchain platforms that often come with their own native programming languages. Ethereum, for instance, uses Solidity, a contract-oriented language ‘influenced by C++, Python and JavaScript’.

Secure, Yet Flexible

Third-party developers can use the Stratis C# Full Node to build new smart contracts and sidechains on top of the platform’s existing infrastructure. Another key advantage is that node operators can now act as a peer on either the Stratis or Bitcoin blockchain. This is because the Stratis protocol is similar to the one used by Bitcoin and the Full Node software is a C# port of Bitcoin Core. Support for other cryptocurrencies can be added with additional development effort, should it be required for a specific application.

The Full Node also supports multiple consensus mechanisms, namely Proof-of-Stake, Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Authority. Node owners can naturally configure their installations to choose the appropriate algorithm. Developers, on the other hand, have the flexibility to choose any of the mechanisms and even customize consensus rules as per their project’s requirements.

The Stratis C# Full Node is completely open source, with the code available in a GitHub repository. Given the software’s close relationship with Microsoft’s technology stack, however, a new node can be immediately deployed on the Azure Cloud platform through the Azure Marketplace. Notably, Stratis recently announced that the company is now a certified Microsoft Partner.

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