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Kryptono Launches FIATO for Users to Manage Crypto on Mobile Phones

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Kryptono is pleased to announce it has launched its first smartphone app named FIATO and says it is ready for public use.


The app, meant as a mobile complement to Kryptono Exchange, will empower Kryptono account holders with total control of their crypto assets as well as exclusive access to convenient crypto/fiat transfers.

This wallet is another accomplishment for the company as it supports Kryptono’s vision of facilitating real-world adoption of crypto to the masses via blockchain technology.

Changing times with handling digital assets

Every day, a large number of people are becoming more aware of the importance of peer to peer transactions. And while the concept of peer to peer isn’t novel, digital wallets are becoming a powerful tool for exchanging digital assets using blockchain technology.

This growing exposure prompts the need for secure peer to peer transactions. FIATO offers advanced features in its wallet design to cater for this need.

Erasing gas fees within the FIATO network, users can send cryptocurrency or fiat to each other instantly and for free. When sending outside the FIATO network, they will have an on-chain option where transactions will be conducted just like they would on Kryptono Exchange. With FIATO, users will not only have easy access to their cryptocurrencies on Kryptono Exchange at any time, but they will also be able to hedge to various fiat currencies they choose. To top it all, FIATO allows you to use your crypto for your everyday payment needs in fiat. It handles the payment process from checkout to conversion with just a single tap.

The mobile app is free to download and use. Then, simply scan to transact. Anytime, anywhere. FIATO is currently available on the App Store and Google Play store.

Using FIATO, users can conveniently:

  • Access, store, and manage their Kryptono Exchange cryptocurrency portfolio and hedge to various fiat currencies;
  • Check, receive, and deposit funds;
  • Make instant P2P transfers to others within the Kryptono Exchange network at zero cost;
  • Exchange assets both ways between crypto and fiat;
  • Make everyday payments in crypto or fiat

“While more and more people hear about cryptocurrency everyday, few of us actually own it,” Dr. William H. Nguyen, founder and CEO of Kryptono said. “Its potential to revolutionize how we pay, share information, and even how we interact with each other is yet to be realized. Expanding our product range in the form of a mobile app, we’re confident about paving the way for regular users to experience the benefits of cryptocurrency like never before.”

To ensure that FIATO is as intuitive and user-friendly as possible, Kryptono sought feedback from its iOS users to fine-tune its app. The company conducted a beta testing program as well as an early adopters’ exercise specifically for this purpose. Kryptono is grateful for all feedback received and looks forward to the continued support from its over 90,000 registered exchange users, and counting.

More information about the app and its features can be found on FIATO’s website.

About Kryptono

Kryptono is the comprehensive crypto platform for everyone, where its vision is of a world where crypto use is an everyday reality. Since public trading began on June 1, 2018, its Kryptono Exchange has gained more than 90,000 registered users and growing. Kryptono aims to facilitate widespread use of blockchain technology by making it as simple as possible to grow real-world crypto on a global scale. It does this both through its exchange and other crypto products tailored in-house for the mass market, such as XPAD (its dedicated all-in-one Initial Exchange Offering platform) Kryptono Trading Simulator (its real-time crypto trading simulator for anyone to learn and practice crypto trading at zero cost), and FIATO.

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