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Transformative Change In Blockchain Games With Marketplace and Mutations, Raising The Bar In ETH Blockchain Games

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CryptantCrab gamers, get ready to rumble – harder than ever!

CryptantCrab, the blockchain based game that sends artistically designed, virtual crabs into battle against each other to compete for glory, celebrates the New Year with the introduction of Mutation, Xenograft and Marketplace, all of which will make the game more engaging.

With the recent completion of CryptantCrab’s Pre-sale, which saw thousands of crabs being hatched, iCandy Interactive now invites players, and newcomers, to start enhancing their virtual crabs through the new Mutation or Xenograft features. Both can be used to further build their battle muscles and market values, with the date from the two being recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. CryptantCrab focuses on growing not just the value of its assets but also the gameplay experience and user ecosystem it offers.

Mutation And Xenograft

There are two new exciting features that give players the chance to transform a crab part. Known as Mutation and Xenocraft, both offer the opportunity to create a stronger crab. The former also lets players work towards earning coveted Legendary parts. As crabs mutate and gain new parts using the game’s risk/reward system, they also earn experience points, thereby improving the fighting prowess of these hard-shelled fighters.

As for Xenograft, it allows players to transplant parts from other crabs, giving them a way to mix parts to create a more ferocious fighter or to complete a crab set. This not only raises the crab’s net worth, but also boosts CryptantCrab trading within the Marketplace.

Xenograft also enhances the excitement of the gameplay through the creation of Fossils. Crabs that have their parts removed can no longer do battle and become Fossils that retain their Souls. Players can use them to enhance the fighting abilities of those going into battle. Fossils will also have added value for upcoming features within the CryptantCrab ecosystem.

Each action offers CryptantCrab players the opportunity to see their prized fighters grow.

Marketplace Buzzes With Energy

With all these elements now available in the CryptantCrab ecosystem, the in-game Marketplace becomes even more exciting. Players can trade parts, Fossils, the rarer Relic Fossils, or prized crabs to grow their crab collections.

Beyond offering more complex and engaging gameplay, there is more to come for CryptantCrab.

The future promises even more excitement with the addition of the Pool Arena. This feature will offer tournaments that will see crabs compete for the distinction of winning an Ether prize-pool. The Pool Arena is set to come online in the Q2 2019.

As the CryptantCrab gameplay experience expands, so too does the value of its assets and ecosystem.

While these features offer players a chance to improve their crabs’ market value, the real goal is to provide immersive gameplay within the blockchain.

CryptantCrab is also set to bring the blockchain experience to a wide audience. It does so by introducing innovative twists that it is known for, especially in the mobile games space. This includes true customization for the crabs, finding the best combinations for battle, and making the trading process immersive and intuitive as it will grow in tandem with the ecosystem.

For more information about this exciting blockchain game and its fast-growing ecosystem, head on over to the main web portal.

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