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Aquatica Foundation, an Ocean Conservation Charity, Joins GoChain’s Validator Network

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The Aquatica Foundation leads Historic & Scientific Expeditions in tandem with NGOs like Sir Richard Branson’s Ocean Unite.

GoChain is proud to announce The Aquatica Foundation, an ocean conservation charity launched by Aquatica Submarines is now a signing node on the GoChain mainnet. Aquatica Submarines is an emerging and innovative company in the manned submersible technology space. Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, they design and manufacture safe, robust and versatile manned submersibles for use in scientific, commercial and recreational endeavors.

The Aquatica Foundation

The Aquatica vision is more than just making awesome submarines, they also share GoChain’s passion for sustainability and environmental education and change. The Aquatica Foundation has been established to promote and support three key Ocean imperatives:


90% of the world’s oceans are unexplored and without scientific baseline data. This presents a vast opportunity to grow the body of knowledge in this undiscovered realm.


Many of the world’s ocean-related ecosystems are degraded or are at the risk of collapse. Working to restore these critical environments is core to ensuring an enduring, viable ocean environment and planet.


70% of the Earth’s surface is the ocean. However, humankind’s understanding of its functions and structure represents the “tip-of-the-iceberg” at best. This knowledge needs to grow dramatically.

The Most Recent Expedition – Blue Hole Belize

In concert with the Government of Belize, Sir Richard Branson’s Ocean Unite, the Aquatica Foundation lead a historic expedition. Led by passionate ocean advocates that combined high-tech exploration, educational awareness, and conservation 40 miles offshore from Belize city in Lighthouse Reef.

Discovery Inc conducted a live broadcast of the expedition which was televised globally from on Sunday, December 2nd through the Discovery Channel. Below you can see Sir Richard Branson’s announcement alongside Aquatica Submarines.

Our CEO Jason Dekker was given the privilege to attend this historic journey in December of 2018:

Building the Strongest Crypto Network

With Aquatica joining as a validating node, GoChain becomes better and stronger. The more great and trustworthy companies on board, the more the GoChain network becomes resilient to any form of network attack like the one Ethereum Classic just faced and cannot be suppressed by any governing authority. The goal for the GoChain Foundation’s validator network in 2019 is to have at least 21 great companies and organizations powering the network. We’re constantly looking for other great companies to join so please contact us at [email protected] if you’re interested.

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