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Blockchain Marketing Specialist Bitcoin PR Buzz Rolls out New Services Amongst Package Discounts

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Against insurmountable odds, the blockchain industry has managed to defy expectations and make its way into mainstream consciousness. Hundreds, if not thousands of innovators, entrepreneurs and startups have forayed into the space looking to make their mark on what could be a new technological era, and they most certainly have, making 2019 a tantalizing year as the cream of the crop drive the frontier forward, racing to revolutionize industries and sectors all around the globe.

The potential of blockchain has always been there, though in its earlier years it was highly misunderstood and therefore, hard to promote. But as time evolved, a group of bitcoin and blockchain experts with a deep understanding of the technology and the needs of the industry, banded together to form the first-ever Blockchain PR company to represent the nascent sector.

Industry Leaders

Bitcoin PR Buzz has served well over 800 clients since beginning its work over 5 years ago; having worked with many industry titans such as ARK, LISK, and UTRUST, Bitcoin PR Buzz has been the bridge between a fringe technology and the mainstream, launching unknowns into stardom by giving them the critical and essential media outreach required.

Developed by experts, Bitcoin PR Buzz’s meticulously crafted press releases and featured articles are published internationally on 200 – 400 online news outlets which includes,, The Merkle,, Digital Journal, Yahoo Finance, and much more.

Entering 2019 and having further assessed the needs of the industry, Bitcoin PR Buzz has rolled out two new services amongst some generous package discounts.

Discounts and New Services

Firstly, Bitcoin PR Buzz now offers a Social Media Management Service which is all encapsulating; covering the social media content needs, full analytics reporting, content strategy development as well as fortnightly conference calls to ensure company strategy and messaging remain impactful and up to date, this and much more.

Secondly, the new Professional Copywriting Service is a research-driven offering that grabs the readers through emotive and engaging copy, which has been Bitcoin PR Buzz’s specialty since day one. Having worked in the industry for this many years across hundreds of projects, they produce results every time when it comes to explaining, detailing and promoting a blockchain project.

At the end of 2018, Bitcoin PR Buzz slashed package prices by up to $800 and increased their media outreach capabilities by some 200 additional sites including Yahoo Finance. As 2019 rolled around, Bitcoin PR Buzz is offering a further 5% discount on all packages and services, payable in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Essentially, some of the services offered have had over $1,000 shaved off of them since November 2018.

Blockchain enterprises are thriving in 2019 and so is Bitcoin PR Buzz; clients old and new are already taking extreme advantage of the discounts and additional services, which have intrinsically added value to their operations and boosted their status to new heights.

To find out more, head to the Bitcoin PR Buzz website here to see how your project can reach all 4 corners of the blockchain news world.

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