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Uranus Announces to Construct World Largest Developer Community

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On the 25th January 2019, the Uranus team completed its four nations meetup tour in Singapore, Tokyo, Japan, Seoul, South Korea, and Moscow, Russia. The Chief Executive – James Jiang, CTO-Halley Han and CMO-Kevin Wang of Uranus attended all meetups. They discussed Uranus’s core competencies, market development plans, project progress, planning, and test network. They most importantly announced to establish the biggest local developer communities in Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea as well as Russia.

Uranus is a ubiquitous sharing platform that aims to be the Airbnb and Uber for computing resources, enabling computing-power services beyond the conventional public clouds. This can simply be utilized via the Uranus platform where people are able to use their computer hardware, mobile devices etc. to simply contribute computing power to other users within the network. In doing so, they can earn tokens as on-platform rewards for rendering services. The platform token will be referred to as Uranus token according to the platform’s head of marketing. At the same time, the computing power users can build their own website and application on this network and have their own blogs, VPN, online shopping malls, etc.

In order to construct the computing sharing realm, Uranus focuses on building up a large ecosystem including a high number of contributors, users, as well as application developers. Their community members will be able to earn money by contributing computing power and utilize the network and computing power with only a few tokens paid.

As an open source project, Uranus is also working with local open source communities to promote their open source development. “We will build our own international developer community, and our goal for the four nations meetup tour is to lay a solid foundation for that” quoted Mr. Halley Han.

The Uranus team has made significant progress in the development of the MVP test net which was released on the 5 November 2018, and invited some community volunteers to conduct a small-scale test. In the near future, the test net is expected to launch online when the computing power transactions between contributors, users and application developers will be realized. At the end of the third quarter of 2019, the main net will be online to achieve the entire computing power ecosystem.

The progression of Uranus is of great significance, which not only signifies the recognition of Uranus amongst its astounding community but also shows a positive outlook towards its universal goal of success in all fronts. Uranus looks to enhance its community network, facilitate and to support the future technology development. Uranus has recently opened its public token sale on the 29 January 2019 and due to be completed by 8 February 2018, which aims to raise USD $1 million for the project.

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