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LocalBitcoins Challenger XCH4NGE Goes Global

LocalBitcoins Challenger XCH4NGE Goes Global

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Built to provide a better platform for P2P trading, XCH4NGE is expanding its services to 241 countries while expanding currency selection and payment methods after their successful UK soft launch.

Frustrated with the shortcomings of existing platforms, XCH4NGE aims to provide a familiar service with exceptional additional features. Boasting support for Bitcoin, XRP, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash, 24/7 live support, and only basic personal details needed to get started, the platform already ticks more boxes than other competitors.

Speaking about their long-term goals, XCH4NGE revealed that the platform will be significantly increasing the currency selection shortly after their global opening. The addition of new currencies and tokens alongside additional payment methods is part of a bid to provide increased flexibility and utility for their users.

International users are also able to buy & sell cryptocurrency providing simple details, with the option for bank-level verification for power-sellers and businesses. Customer Outreach Manager Adam George had this to say:

“While people appreciate the relative anonymity of LocalBitcoins, professional crypto traders have told us that they like the option for high-level verification. Many of them see it as a hallmark of a serious, dedicated business or trader.”

Early reviews of the platform have been positive, with crypto website Blocks Decoded proclaiming that the project has big potential:

“XCH4NGE’s excellent support, security, and on-boarding process are well worth considering. If it doesn’t suit your requirements right now, it may do so in the future, as it continues to grow at a rapid rate. XCH4NGE’s roadmap and product vision are full of awesome ideas to improve the platforms. Things such as increased security, even easier trading, and payment protection.”

XCH4NGE is even in the process of acquiring an FCA license, which would allow them to offer crypto-friendly banking for users. While this would be limited to the UK and Europe initially, they plan to expand worldwide. Managing your crypto and fiat in one app is a powerful goal, and this team is not one to bet against. Speaking about their motivation, the team at XCH4NGE had this to say:

“The users are first and foremost in our minds. We care deeply about the cryptocurrency community and are constantly evaluating and improving it based on user feedback. We want to provide a real, useful service to people across the globe who believe in the goals of a decentralised monetary system”

This is absolutely a project that P2P users should try. The familiar format combined with the increased flexibility evokes a more mature LocalBitcoins, and the addition of even more cryptos will surely be a big pull for users worldwide.

You can keep up to date with the latest from XCH4NGE via their social media below, or head to their website to learn more and sign up.







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