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PANTHEON X Bridging the Gap Between Retail Investors and Cryptofunds

PANTHEON X Bridging the Gap Between Retail Investors and Cryptofunds

PANTHEON X is gearing up to deliver incredible solutions in 2019 launching a platform that will change the way people invest in crypto funds.

(March 29, 2019; Seoul, South Korea) 2018 was a rough year for cryptocurrency markets, but the market is far from dead, and many are looking for the best opportunity to get back in.   The most extended bear market for crypto has brought declining digital asset prices along with it, but PANTHEON X is getting ready for the next market cycle for the markets providing a platform that will help both investors and fund managers.  

Regardless of the bearish crypto market IEO’s (Initial Exchange Offerings) have been launching on exchanges such as Binance, Huobi, Bittrex, and Kucoin.  However, in Korea IEO’s have been trending since last year in 2018. Investors have seen great profits in the bear market by buying into select strong projects that held IEO’s on Asian exchanges such as

PANTHEON X has announced its next IEO at IDCM, which will be the first IEO on IDCM Global.  IDCM Korea, which is part of the IDCM network, has already run seven successful IEO’s, e.g., SPIN Platform, Hunt.  Previously, on Korean exchanges such as Bitsonic, PANTHEON X has achieved record rounds of funding raised through the IEO.  The first token sale at Cobak sold out within thirty minutes of opening.

History has shown that retail investors struggle with investing in the cryptocurrency markets and find it challenging to trust cryptofunds due to the lack of transparency.

PANTHEON X has stepped into cryptofund arena with the purpose to bring about all the best resources to cryptocurrency for investors and fund managers. PANTHEON X is driven to build a blockchain-based open financial business platform, with a robust network that allows everybody in the ecosystem to join in safer and transparent trades.

PANTHEON X team, based in Korea, comes from a wide range of experience in the traditional finance space, and the project is dedicated to helping retail investors and professional fund managers connect effectively.  

The Pantheon X Platform Model Focuses on Three Features:

  1. Cryptofund Marketplace: Investors will be able to choose whom to invest with through an index of vetted cryptofund managers.  Tools will be available to make the best possible decision such as past trade history statistics of each cryptofund, win percentages.  Investors will be able to pick and choose the best cryptofunds to match their investment goals.
  2. The Knowledge Network: The networks allow the sharing of data and information between investors and financial experts on the platform.  XPW tokens, which can be converted into XPN tokens, will be rewarded to contributors on the Knowledge Network based on the quality and accuracy of the information data provided.  Investors will be able to use this information to make the best-informed investment decisions to fit their objectives.
  3. Pantheon Intelligence: Is built on AI and when investors and experts share financial data Pantheon Intelligence will interact with the Cryptofund Marketplace and the Knowledge Network to form a unique unified ecosystem.  Through the use of artificial intelligence, Pantheon Intelligence will analyze the data of the marketplace and the knowledge base and will secure the entire PANTHEON X platform.

By integrating all three parts of PANTHEON X’s platform, it will allow retail investors to succeed.

Benefits of Using the Pantheon X Platform:

  1. For Retail Investors:  PANTHEON X offers the perfect solution as it allows them to take advantage of features and tools in the platform to make the best risk-based decisions.
  • Can search for the right fund on the platform ranked by performance.
  • Choose an investment fund that best suits their risk requirements.
  • Utilize the on platform tools to gauge executions and trade history.
  • Directly communicate with fund managers and experts to stay updated.
  1. For Expert Fund Managers: Utilizing the XPN token fund managers can use this platform to gain more investors through the performance of their trade history.  Additionally, experts can provide data for the knowledge network which will also boost attraction to their cryptofund.
  • Managers integrate easily to trade on our platform via our Meta Exchange.
  • Create funds, products, and financial reports directly from the dashboard.
  • Prove expertise and knowledge through the distributed ledger technology.
  • Focus on trade performance and gain more investors in our open market.

The cryptocurrency world can be daunting to retail investors due to the high volatility of these assets. However, this volatility is the factor that allows expert traders to increase their returns thus the PANTHEON X platform is the perfect solution for investors.

For more information about PANTHEON X’s upcoming token sales view the IEO page.

To learn more about PANTHEON X, read the whitepaper or connect with the team at:


Email: [email protected]

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