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AIR WALLET Is Bringing Cryptocurrency Spending Into the Mainstream

AIR WALLET Is Bringing Cryptocurrency Spending Into the Mainstream

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Get Exclusive Analysis and Investing Ideas of Future Assets on Join the community today and get up to $400 in discount by using the code: “CCN+Hacked”. Sign up here.

In a significant coup for early investors, AIR token sells out during IEO on Trebit Exchange

(April 2, 2019) As evidenced by how quickly AIR tokens sold out during its debut IEO on Trebit Exchange, the excitement behind the AIR WALLET project can’t be contained. In contrast to other cryptocurrency projects, what makes AIR WALLET so special isn’t difficult to see or understand. For the first time in crypto history, AIR WALLET is bringing a product to market that enables cryptocurrency spending within a vast merchant ecosystem.

The AIR WALLET advantage has everything to do with pushing blockchain technology to its limits in an effort to merge traditional commerce with the emerging digital asset-based economy. By providing users with an ultra-secure wallet in which they can store a vast array of cryptocurrencies, AIR WALLET encourages users to store and hold those assets to spend them later on.

What sets AIR WALLET apart is exactly the way in which it encourages and rewards users to keep their cryptocurrencies for use as actual currency rather than as merely speculative assets. That’s primarily accomplished via the AIR WALLET Marketplace, an innovative start to a new web in which your wallet is already linked with a constellation of merchants who have been onboarded to the AIR WALLET ecosystem.

In the current economic paradigm, merchants are geographically restricted to selling their products within small niches to local patrons. Even eCommerce retailers are generally restricted by their geography due to many limiting factors such as language or the way Google’s algorithms dole out search results based on location. AIR WALLET does away with those limitations to give regional retailers their first chance at connecting with a truly global audience.

The arrangement is a win-win for retailers and consumers as it also gives shoppers exposure to new products from around the world. In the AIR WALLET economy, a regional leather shoemaker in Marrakech, Morocco can sell their unique boots to a shopper in Canada, and that shopper can pay in the cryptocurrency of their choice.

AIR WALLET’s innovations go much deeper than the marketplace, however. In an effort to streamline an important area of the cryptocurrency industry, AIR WALLET developers created an entirely new way for crypto users to receive airdrops and bounties. As the infrastructure for airdrops and bounties currently stands, receiving them is highly complex and rife with problems. Instead of having to swim through KYC form after KYC form in an endless deluge of entering personal data, AIR WALLET users will be able to keep their information stored once in their wallet and can simply plug it into each airdrop they want to receive. This significantly reduces the friction association with airdrop participation and makes it possible to receive many more airdrops than usual.

Additionally, airdrops and bounties are an incredibly undervalued aspect of crypto-marketing for emerging projects and startups. That’s due in large part to there being no standardized way for users to aid blockchain startups in return for airdrops and bounties. AIR WALLET is the means of exchange between startups seeking wider exposure through marketing and users who want to give those projects exposure through social media in return for rewards paid in airdrops and bounties.

Globally recognized companies are taking notice of AIR WALLET’s innovative efforts and as such, the AIR WALLET team has formed partnerships with Advet, Savii Digital, VA Global, and MakerDAO. As AIR WALLET marches ever-closer to releasing the MVP of its hotly anticipated wallet in Q2 of this year, additional investors and partners are likely to come onboard.

As a direct competitor to Samsung and Kakao’s crypto wallets, it’s no surprise that the AIR WALLET IEO on Trebit Exchange sold out four days early. Because of Samsung’s worldwide reach, the release of their crypto wallet for the Galaxy S10 has turned the spotlight onto digital asset wallets that can reach the mainstream and aid crypto adoption. AIR WALLET will not only spur crypto usage forward, but it will enable a new and lively global economy.

While fundraising for most ICO and IEO projects has stalled or stagnated amidst the cryptocurrency bear market, AIR WALLET hit it’s fundraising targets well in advance of its end date, signaling an amazing start to what is a game-changing project.

To learn more about AIR WALLET and be amongst its first users, visit any of the official AIR WALLET links below.

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