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UpExchange: Challenge and Opportunity

UpExchange: Challenge and Opportunity

In recent times, cyber attacks have been on the rise, and they pose a dangerous threat to businesses and individuals alike. Similarly, cryptocurrency exchanges are getting hacked because it’s easy. We may name some outstanding attacks such as Bithumb attack, a popular cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea. In June 2018, $31.6 million across multiple cryptocurrencies was stolen from Bithumb. Besides, more than $571 million in cryptocurrency is reported to have been stolen by the Lazarus Group since the start of 2017 and it is thought that 65% of stolen cryptocurrency ends up in North Korea. And the latest trading platform attack is that of DragonEx on March 24, as they announced through their official Telegram channel that they had experienced adverse attacks from different hackers leading to transfer of crypto assets from both the users’ and platform’s accounts, leading their platform to shut down. Therefore, it is the job of trading platforms to constantly upgrade their defense technology to prevent such attacks preemptively.

New era – new platform

When we are coming to era 4.0, global success comes from resounding successes in recent times of cryptocurrency, along with trading platforms such as Binance, Bittrex, Poloniex, etc. have shown us, the huge future opportunity of financial sector 4.0. Drawing on the valuable experiences of predecessors, Expertfund launched the UpExchange trading platform.

Why Upexchange?

With UpExchange, we have an ecological ecosystem and POS machine. POS machines are set up in crypto-accredited countries. There are various places for installation such as restaurant, cape, entertainment area, hotel, attractive vacation destinations etc. in the world. Thereby, we build a community that does not use cash, bring upcoin into real life and popular consumers, together with a network of businesses that apply Upcoin as a global payment method. Surely, POS will be an effective means of payment, thanks to the integration of mobile app. We proudly own a strong telegram channel which has up to 90.000 members, providing customers first news in fintech and cryptocurrency market.

UpExchange has a lot of advantages. Firstly, there is no transaction fee when paying with Upcoin. Next, almost all transactions charge if you want to trade on their platform. Thirdly, the cost is only half compared to Binance. Moreover, the interface looks very clean and modern, and easier to operate than other old and cumbersome transactions. It also provides Upcoin currencies, allowing all owners to receive a part of the daily profit of the platform.

Another point is that you can confirm transactions quickly, withdraw money at any time. Finally, you may get larger withdrawal and transfer limits compared to other platforms.

UPC ecosystem

The Upcoin Ecosystem has been designed specifically for people to be able to monitor, trade, invest and spend their various types of cryptocurrencies fast, effectively and with ease. The Ecosystem is providing professional-standard and user-friendly investment tools, which enable them to make informed cryptocurrency investment Upcoinisions. Holders of Upcoin will receive access to the entire Upcoin Ecosystem (the “Upcoin Ecosystem”) including retail POS, mobile applications, games, UPC social network, UPC IoT, UPC smart contract, UPC e-commerce sites.

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