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Baer Chain: Super Node Campaign List Announcement

Baer Chain: Super Node Campaign List Announcement

At 10:00 on April 28th, Singapore time, the Baer Chain Super Node campaign voting session have been officially ended. After a week of competition, 21 super nodes and 30 alternate nodes were successfully selected.

Since its launch on April 1st, the MEP (Million Ecology Project) Super Node campaign has received wide attention and strong response from inside and outside the blockchain industry.

The event was tracked by the head media inside and outside the industry and supported by members of the Baer Chain community. The campaign was a complete success with the active registration of outstanding teams in various fields and the vote from those great supporters. 

According to the campaign rules, top 21 teams with higher votes will become the super node of Baer Chain based on the voting result, and the next 30 will become the alternate nodes. 21 super nodes are now announced as below:

The Super Node Campaign is an important step in the ecological expansion of Baer Chain. More outstanding participants make the Baer Chain ecosystem more diversified, which means that the new stage of Baer Chain’s development is officially opened.

The Baer Chain mainnet beta testing has officially kicked off. The node committee will be established as soon as possible, and a series of main network governance consensus will be reached through decentralization way. We are all looking forward to the bright future of the Baer Chain million ecology.

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