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World No.1 Blockchain Game Publishing Platform Mixmarvel Held News Conference Successful in South Korea

World No.1 Blockchain Game Publishing Platform Mixmarvel Held News Conference Successful in South Korea

World No.1 Blockchain game publishing platform MixMarvel completed news conference successfully in Seoul, South Korea. The event was taken place at 7 PM on April 30th, giving those interested in the blockchain game the chance to meet the team behind it. MixMarvel partners from all around the globe gathered in Seoul to join the event, with a boast able attendee of more than 500. On the spot, MixMarvel invited the audiences to witness the achievements it has accumulated during past few years, and shared its future endeavors, and unveiled the exciting news of the upcoming MixMarvel platform by featuring several different new games live soon.

In recent years, MixMarvel has received prodigious feedbacks from worldwide game players and been favored by many investment entities. As MixMarvel’s strategic partners, HashKey Capital, imToken Ventures and Ontology were invited to present at the event and delivered speeches.

As the representative of the institutional investors, the Director of HashKey Capital shared to the audience why they invest MixMarvel and delivered the speech titled “Bring the blockchain tech into the mainstream daily use.” Director of Ontology Korea Nam Young used game HyperDragons Go! as a successful game example running on Ontology to introduce the path to build up a revenue bearing blockchain ecosystem by cooperation between the public chain and dApps. As one of MixMarvel’s earliest partners, imToken is one of the world’s largest multi-chains wallets, and its representative talked about the cooperation between imToken and MixMarvel, enlightening topics about how excellent contents can boost revenue driving to public chains and increase the supply of quality contents.

Besides, at the conference, MixMarvel and Korean partners launched the official signing ceremony, including Korean Mobile Gaming Association (KMGA), high-quality IP project OnBuff and global partner representative Contentos. In the future, KMGA and MixMarvel will accelerate the Korea game industry together, to expand the impact of blockchain games in South Korea. Project OnBuff has 200 high-quality IPs which can be built into blockchain games with the MIXMARVEL platform’s technology and services; both parties will work together to create quality contents and publish blockchain games on MIXMARVEL. Contentos is the world’s leading digital contents public chain which has 60 million mainstream internet users. Nevertheless, MIXMARVEL platform will share the traffic metrics with Contentos, to enable MIXMARVEL blockchain games to be presented to potential mainstream game users.

The MixMarvel team interacted with the onsite attendants by inviting them to play global multi-player real-time battle game HyperSnakes, the latest blockchain game published by MixMarvel. Furthermore, MixMarvel unveiled details of its MixMarvel platform by introducing several different new games which will be soon launched on the platform, and the games showcased each various categories of the blockchain games and showed the audience the unlimited possibility of the blockchain games.

At the end of the news conference, the MixMarvel stated: “we will as always continually enhance and upgrade the service and the technology, dedicating to bring the brand-new game experience to the worldwide players.” MixMarvel added that Seoul is a significant station to launch the global news conference tour since it is a milestone for opening up Korea mass gaming consumers market. MixMarvel will hold more upcoming news conferences globally.


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