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A Domain That Is Yours Forever

Internet censorship has become a hot topic recently, and a lot of attention is paid to the role of internet service providers. However, not nearly as much attention is paid to domain companies and cloud storage companies. Take down requests for websites are frequently delivered to registrars like Godaddy and Google Domains. These companies are custodians of your domain – you don’t control it. If they get a court order, they take it away. Similarly, if a cloud storage provider like Amazon received such a request, your website would be taken down quickly. Even without a court order, posting a controversial website could get you kicked off by a registrar or storage provider, effectively silencing you.

Enter blockchain domains

A blockchain domain lives on a blockchain, instead of the centralized system that regular DNS uses. A blockchain domain is stored inside of your wallet just like a cryptocurrency. The domain is part of a registry, a smart contract launched on a blockchain. A blockchain domain extension is similar to a .com or a .info, except that domains can’t be censored and they also work for receiving payments.

Why are blockchain domains better?

  1. Uncensorable – For the first time ever, you could build a website that only you can take down. If you stored content on a network like IPFS, and your domain in your wallet, then no court order could remove your website. To visit your website, I would just need a browser extension.
  2. Payments – Replace crypto addresses with an easy to remember domain. Attach all addresses –  Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. to one domain. When I type yourname.zil into a wallet, I can select from a list of currencies you accept, and pay you. Not only do I not need to know your long public key address, but I also don’t even need to know which currencies you accept.
  3. Other new features
    1. Renewals – Blockchain domains have no centralized approvers that charge fees for ongoing maintenance. You pay 1 time for your blockchain domain and you own it forever.
    2. Easy transfer/exchange – Blockchain omains are easily transferable to anyone at any time. Because the domain is custodied by the owner, they can transfer it to anyone in the world who has a cryptocurrency wallet, in under 1 minute.

Where can you get blockchain domains?

Unstoppable Domains builds domains on blockchains. You can pre-order .zil domains now @ Search for domains like yourname.zil or yourbiz.zil. After you register a domain, you can add cryptocurrency addresses with just a few clicks.

In June, the system will go live and the top 10,000 domains will go to public auction. All bids will be on chain, publicly visible, and the auction will be open to anyone in the world. You can keep track of domains you’re interested in following for auction at  

Why blockchain domains could be really big?

The current DNS system is centralized and no longer functioning. New domain extensions must  be approved by an international organization called ICANN – and they haven’t approved any new applications in almost 6 years. Blockchain domains will eventually be able to do everything that current domains can do – and much more.


Blockchain domains aren’t just for businesses. If they replace long cryptocurrency addresses for payments, then nearly every person in the world needs one. It would be more like the number of social media accounts, than the number of domains. There are over 300M regular domains, but there could be 3 billion blockchain domains.

The era of centralization is over. It’s time for all of us to take back control over our property, our ideas, and our ideals. You should control your website. No one else.

If you’re interested in available blockchain domains, check out our website.

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Unstoppable Domains is a software company based in San Francisco, California.

The company is funded by Boost VC, and received grants from both the Ethereum Foundation & Zilliqa Foundation.

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