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ABBC Foundation Deepens Its Lineup of Global Partnerships

ABBC Foundation Deepens Its Lineup of Global Partnerships

ABBC Foundation witnessed huge improvements and continuous development within Q1 2019. Since the official settlement with Alibaba Group, ABBC Foundation established its new R&D facility in the United States to facilitate the soon-to-be-launched Coin Shopping Mall (CSM). In tandem with the launching of the new R&D facility, ABBC is integrating with Amazon, eBay, and other e-commerce platforms through their public APIs.

In a few weeks, the CSM will be open for the public to provide a new way for users to experience e-commerce and online shopping. Within the coming weeks, ABBC will showcase the user-interface of the CSM for end users, and how it differs from existing e-commerce platforms. Alongside ABBC Coin, the shopping mall will accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins (that have yet to be determined) to streamline the user experience for prospective shoppers. Through ABBC’s  Multi-Crypto Wallet, users will experience a more convenient, accessible, and secure online shopping experience. ABBC Coin aims to position itself as one of the primary cryptocurrencies accepted in the e-commerce & online shopping payment space.

ABBC Foundation also secured several partnerships this past quarter. Its partnership with Lunar Digital Assets will strengthen ABBC Foundation’s community engagement initiatives to facilitate user adoption. Additionally, ABBC Foundation cemented partnerships with a stacked lineup of other globally-recognized organizations and institutions in the blockchain, digital finance, and cyber security spaces. These include Deep Dive Technology, The Wall Street Conference, Ubermensch, Beacon, Zombie Soup, Alexander Capital, and Allen & Associates & the Rockefeller Foundation.

Continued Global Expansion

To facilitate its global expansion, the Foundation is actively seeking new members specializing in Marketing, Blockchain Development, IT, and Email Support. Skilled, compassionate, and forward-thinking individuals are welcome to join the ABBC family at its Dubai office.

Currently, ABBC Foundation employs more than 100 individuals across multiple continents. The foundation hopes to recruit 500 more employees within 2019. For future expansion, the Foundation will host additional rounds of recruitment for other branches located in Russia, Korea, and the United States.

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