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Ocean Protocol is Now Trading on Bittrex International After Raising $6 Million in Initial Exchange Offering

With the recent spike in Bitcoin’s price, more and more crypto traders and companies are entering the increasingly expanding cryptoverse. It is true especially for companies involved in expanding the influence and utility of blockchain technology in high-tech areas like data, IoT, smart cities, and more.

Ocean Protocol is one of the latest decentralized platforms looking to make its mark on multiple fronts. Data has become the single biggest currency in the world with petabytes of data being collected and analyzed every day, and Ocean Protocol aims to tap into the massive data market with an ethical, data-protection compliant business model that removes the issue of shady organizations buying data unilaterally to be used for nefarious purposes. The company has already raised more than $6 million in token offering and the token itself has started trading on Bittrex International on 3rd May 2019.

The Vision

The future lies in borderless, safe and privacy-focused data sharing services that is quite a departure from the current centralized, pre-privacy and heavily fortified data economy that is in position right now. Ocean Protocol aims to create a decentralized ecosystem that will enable anyone to build, operate and offer data services. Various AI services will be available in addition to the data services available on the platform.

From the Team

According to founder, Bruce Pon:

The Ocean Protocol team will continue to deliver software and network updates over the next two years, with five phases planned, each providing more sophisticated features, incentives, and enhanced performance.”

He continued, saying:

It is rewarding to see the community get behind our vision for a new Data Economy and believing in Ocean Protocol. We are grateful to the 8,000 supporters from all our fundraising rounds who backed the project.

An OCEAN of Partnerships

Among Ocean’s valued partners include industry incumbents and startups that are working in the correlating sectors vital for the platform’s future development. They include Aviva and ConnectedLife who are engaged for data analytics and artificial intelligence on the Internet of Things (IoT) model of homes.

Another partner, Roche Diagnostics, is working on improving patients’ healthcare through blood thinning therapy. Next Billion is a startup working on rewarding rural shop owners to contribute their data in exchange for contributing sales data. Ocean Protocol is also working with AI Singapore to help manage and create innovative learning programs that train the best AI talent from around the world to conduct advanced research and bring it to practice. Such a wealth of partnerships will surely cement Ocean Protocol’s position as a forward-thinking force to be reckoned with in years to come.

About the Ocean Token Event

The Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) of the OCEAN native tokens started on April 30 of this year and over 56.4 million tokens were up for sale. Following the IEO, trading commenced on the reputed Bittrex International exchange. The OCEAN tokens were unlocked two hours before the trading started on May 3rd, 2019.

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