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Opiria Lets you Sell your Anonymized Personal Data to Companies Directly for PDATA Token

Your Personal Data is Worth Millions

Every person around the world continues to freely offer up their personal data to the companies and services that they use everyday, whom in turn sell that data for millions to businesses that then market and advertise to you. Whenever a service is free, that means that you are the product. Opiria is an existing and profitable million dollar business that will be using the blockchain the give the power and ownership of personal data back to the people. Every person will now be able to continue selling their data, but this time we, as a society, will be able to reap the benefits.

Founded in 2015, Opiria has been helping companies such as BMW, Audi, Mercedez Benz, Volkswagen, GM, Nissan, P&G, Intel, and many other Fortune 500 companies collect and analyze consumer data. Using Opiria’s services, these companies are able to analyze consumer data which enables them to make better business decisions. Opiria is a highly successful venture as indicated by the tripling of their revenue and customers each year over the past 3 years. Opiria is taking their successful platform onto the blockchain, leading to a fully decentralized, transparent, open, and secure marketplace.

How to get a taste of your millions

Users on Opiria’s platform will put their anonymized personal data up for sale. The users are provided full management and control of all the personal data that is provided. Users receive payment in the form of PDATA tokens. This well-thought out approach allows companies to buy anonymized personal data directly from consumers, removing the middlemen and providing full consent to consumers. Companies interested in purchasing bulk user data will save money by using the Opiria platform, and users will earn PDATA; profiting for the first time on their own personal data.

Consider that the brokerage of personal data is an existing 250 Billion USD per year industry and is growing at an annual rate of 13.5%. PDATA and Opiria will give consumers for the first time ever in history a chance to claim their fair share.

The Opiria platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain. This will provide the most secure and scalable long term solution. Users and companies will feel safe utilizing the platform for business as the interface is very simple to navigate. There is a conscious effort from the developer team at Opiria to ensure that the platform is designed to be blockchain agnostic so that it can take advantage of different utilities and also migrate if necessary.

The developer team has taken extra steps by undergoing an intense 6-week due diligence audit performed by independent New York-based premier utility token research firm Strategic Coin. This process bolsters the confidence in the PDATA token and robustness of the ecosystem.

Upcoming IEO

Opiria has decided to list their token on three top exchanges at once in an IEO to ensure liquidity and high trading volume of PDATA tokens. As one of the leading personal data marketplaces, Opiria’s IEO will allow the exchanges to build a large community with thousands of traders. The initial exchange offering will begin on May 11th, 2019. PDATA Tokens will be available for purchase on three high-volume cryptocurrency exchanges: Coineal, P2PB2B, and ExMarkets

“We are proud to launch an Initial Exchange Offering for our PDATA token on three top exchanges simultaneously. We strongly believe working closely with major high volume exchanges is ensuring the long-term success and viability of the PDATA token and will boost our ecosystem,” says Dr. Christian Lange, CEO of Opiria.

Opiria’s IEO marks the last chance that the public has to purchase PDATA tokens at the ICO price level. After the conclusion of the IEO, PDATA tokens will be immediately listed on the Coineal, P2PB2B, and ExMarkets.

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