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Blockchain technology is reinventing industries in a way very few would have imagined. The disintermediation of trust and decentralized, peer-to-peer exchange of values is eliminating the traditional bottlenecks and frictions, creating one of the fastest growing industries in the labour market. With the growing appetite for blockchain technology and decentralized applications, blockchain developers have become highly sought after, commanding an average income that is 50% higher than the ordinary software expert. Businesses and organizations are now seeking to retain blockchain talent at any and all costs.

Hiring developers for the development of blockchain-based application requires more than just coding skills. Developers must be adept at setting up server-side interfaces for blockchain node instances. They must also be versatile across a wide range of strong languages like Solidity, C++, and rust. These requirements greatly limit the type of talent that can be recruit into developing decentralized applications, resulting in a dearth of developers. is turning this situation around.

BUILD NOW is a scalable blockchain platform for the creation, deployment, and integration of decentralized apps (dApps). The platform drastically cuts down on development time and resources, by giving software developers the tools they need to integrate blockchain-based solutions into already existing business infrastructures through its innovative Framework and Chain-kit (unique software tools). Developers will be able to design and develop open source apps, import directly from GitHub, create smart contracts and fast solutions for decentralized exchange of values.

“Building dApps and learning blockchain technologies is great, developers will always love to play with new stacks” Nick Chisiu, CEO of Squeezer (former ConsenSys blockchain consultant), explained.

“We need a solution to facilitate the blockchain access for developers and get rid of the never-ending setups. I see Squeezer as a great candidate to boost the blockchain adoption.”.

BUILD MORE is blockchain agnostic. Its Framework tool provides developers with all they require to create and implement open-source CLI for building and deploying dApps through serverless functions. Rather than manually developing everything from scratch, developers can automate development, creating custom resources and configure them with just a few commands for to do all the heavy lifting.

Using the Framework, developers can also import projects from Github, share and collaborate with teams, dive into development in seconds and deploy to the cloud with just a click. The Chain-kit unleashes blockchain resources for the creation of serverless dApps. Being blockchain agnostic, Chain-kit eliminates the hassles involved in locally downloading entire blockchains and setting up individual dev environments for the blockchain they are developing for. sports the following unique features:

  • Building Serverless dApps
  • Double encryption for wallets
  • Easy smart contract attachments
  • Agnostic integration
  • Two-way blockchain payment systems
  • One-click deployments
  • Custom cloud provider and region
  • Switch from one blockchain to another in seconds
  • Connect legacy infrastructures with blockchains

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