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CryptoBirds: Guiding Investors To Most Trustworthy ICOs & Blockchain Projects

CryptoBirds: Guiding Investors To Most Trustworthy ICOs & Blockchain Projects

  • CRYPTOBIRDS presents the first incentivized collaborative platform for analyzing ICO projects in a transparent way and by fostering best practices
  • The First Security Token Project Launched in Spain in Accordance with Current Law Kicks off Its Pre-Ico until May 28
  • The whitelist is now available to ensure access to interested investors.
  • The project is supported by the legal advice of the law firm Pinsent Masons

Madrid, 14 May 2019.- The purpose of Crypto Birds is very clear: to build a meeting point for ICOs and blockchain projects with investors, in order to shed light on a complex and uncertain environment. But the spirit of the company is what truly sets it apart: it is about identifying investment opportunities in a collaborative, impartial, qualified and transparent way. With information that really matters, with analysis created by the community itself, with information sheets that facilitate decision-making, with incentivized market predictions, with tools to filter and organize by categories… Because for the people at Crypto Birds protecting the investor is their guiding principle. And this has been precisely the idea that has driven its decision to launch its project in Spain, with all the assurances that our country’s system offers investors. The team has worked intensely over the past two years to comply with all the applicable legal requirements, following the recommendations of the CNMV (National Securities Market Commission). To reduce the regulatory hurdles and offer all the necessary legal safeguards, the startup hired a firm which is internationally renowned for its work in new technologies. As a result, the launching has been backed by the support and advice of the law firm Pinsent Masons, led by Cristina Carrascosa (a prestigious lawyer specialized in blockchain with extensive international experience). Finally, the company now can begin to look for financing. The whitelist is now available to investors who would like to reserve their participation in the project because the Pre-ICO will begin on April 23.

There is no doubt that Crypto Birds is a good idea. And the team behind it aims high and works hard. They move fluidly through the complicated universe of blockchain and have created an initiative that is useful to everyone: for those who belong to the sector as well as for those who, although unfamiliar, are interested in what will be the “new internet”. The cryptocurrency “boom” and ICOs took the investment world by storm in 2017 and 2018. They raised large sums of money and achieved high returns. The number of ICOs grew dramatically, and in their shadow there have been some resounding scams which have done considerable damage to the sector. The need to structure and shed light on this fast-changing landscape was clamorous as was the need to sort out the broad range of options. The benefit of having a “TripAdvisor for ICOs” was evident, and with its platform, Crypto Birds covers this demand in a way that is effective, intelligent and fun. First of all, because the platform takes advantage of the fun of gaming and awards valuable financial incentives to the most accurate and revealing forecasts. Secondly, because the platform adds value by highlighting the great investment opportunities and identifying the cases of potential fraud.

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Crypto Birds runs on the Ethereum network and its business model is based on the circular principle. Everyone that collaborates can receive compensation in the form of XCB tokens (Crypto Birds own freely circulated currency whose limited issue is governed by rules established in its WhitePaper). The XCB Token (ERC20 Token) will have many different uses. It will be required to collaborate on the platform and access different services, sometimes as payment and other times as a freezing. For example, users will be able to use the tokens for forecasts, in addition to participating in contests, events and promotions. Corporate users can carry out promotional activities on the platform as long as they are transparent and useful. The XCB token will be required both by users as well as by those promoting their ICOs. In other words, Crypto Birds creates an internal economy that issues and uses its own currency to ensure that the project works by incentivizing participation and engaging users.

The best thing is that it is not just for experts. Newcomers to cryptocurrencies can also find a place on this innovative tool as they can participate with their own forecasts or delegate to other more expert users and earn profits based on the accuracy of their predictions. Users can learn as they practice, and also thanks to the educational spirit behind the content that Crypto Birds will share with the community. Now there is no excuse to remain on the sidelines of the next digital revolution that is fast approaching. Cripto Birds makes it easy, profitable and fun.

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