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The competition for bitcoin mixer platforms is heating up, but only one stands tall

In a free market world, you always have the liberty of choosing exactly which products and services to use at any time. Finding the right one, however, is an entirely different matter. makes the choice simple by providing you with the highest possible quality bitcoin mixer that makes mixing your BTC simple and fast.

Upon doing a quick search of the competition, you may find other popular choices such as ChipMixer to mix your bitcoin. Why not go with them instead of The reasons are many, but basically, ChipMixer doesn’t provide the level of anonymity that does. That’s because’s mixing engine uses several pools and highly advanced modular technology to stay several steps ahead of the latest blockchain analysis techniques on the market.

ChipMixer, on the other hand, does not reliably anonymize your transactions because all chips are known, and all chip transactions are visible on the blockchain. With that information in hand, sophisticated blockchain analysis tools can quickly gather enough knowledge to figure out your trail and wallet wealth on the blockchain. bitcoin mixer doesn’t have this problem because of its advanced mixing solutions. Firstly, the platform uses three pools that offer differing levels of service but the same all-inclusive anonymity regardless of which option you choose.

Three Pools to Choose From

Between the Alpha, Beta, and Gamma pools, has your needs fully covered regardless of how much BTC you need to mix or how deep you need your anonymity to reach.

The Alpha pool takes your bitcoin, inserts it into the BestMixer bitcoin mixer, and mixes it with the coins of other clients like yourself. After your coins are mixed sufficiently, you receive clean bitcoin that didn’t belong to you in the first place, giving you a level of anonymity that is impossible to trace.

If you need to mix a larger amount of BTC, then the Gamma pool functions similar to the Alpha pool except it is better suited to large amounts.

For anonymity that is entirely resistant to blockchain analysis, you’ll want to go with the Gamma pool. The Gamma pool takes your bitcoin and mixes it exclusively with investor and private reserve coins. This allows you to be sure that your coins are coming from an accountable source that is responsible and not connected in any way with a bad history. We recommend this service for clients who need the absolute highest level of accountability available from their bitcoin mixer. This video guide will help you to understand in detail how to anonymize bitcoin easily.

Ultimately, regardless of which pool you go with, has you covered with a fundamentally secure level of anonymity that you count on. When you use ChipMixer, you’ll have to think twice about whether or not your transactions are truly secure. That isn’t how a bitcoin mixer should work, and it’s certainly not the result you want after paying to use a service.

That’s why provides the best customer support along with their unmatched anonymity technology – because they want you to keep your crypto freedom not only now, but in the future as well.

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