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Breaking: BitMart Will Join Magic Cube to Launch Live Game Show and IEO Token Sale!

On May 28th 8:00 AM and May 29th 10:00 PM (EDT), BitMart, a premier global digital asset trading platform, will join Magic Cube to launch a unique two rounds of Live Game Shows. Winners will be able to split 200 ETH worth of the intraday quota of Magic Cube Coin (MCC) and purchase with ETH.

“Blockchain + Game”, Creating a New Game Ecology

The game industry has never been as prosperous as it is now.

2018 China’s Game Industry Report shows that the sales revenue of China’s game market has reached 214.4 billion, with a user size over 626 million. However, behind the numbers, the game industry has been enmeshed in the mess for a long time. Currently, especially in the mobile game business, channel merchants have been monopolizing the market, causing a decline in the game quality.

Magic Cube saw the pain point of the traditional game industry and therefore, committed to building a blockchain-based decentralized entertainment ecosystem. Within the system, each game project can issue their own token which can be identified as Initial Game Offering (IGO).

Magic Cube creatively puts forward the operation mode of “game is mining, money is dividend”, which takes the user content consumption as value support and securitizes user behavior, constructing a brand-new game ecosystem that includes vertical exchange fields and digital asset wallets.

Magic Cube is determined to make the traditional model of “channel is king” evolve into a more market-oriented “user is king”. Users will be able to acquire tokens provided by the project side by playing games or purchasing via fiat. Token holders can also cash in transactions on the Magic Cube platform. At present, Magic Cube has cooperated with popular games such as Mysticalcard, CM SWAT and Fantasy, etc and is expecting to cooperate with more, further perfecting the ecology.

Tokens listed on the Magic Cube currently support more than 3,500 offline trading entities. Magic Cube has also set up payment companies to obtain relevant financial licenses.

Magic Cube’s Ecological Outlook

All-star management team and top tier capital investment made Magic Cube a very prospective enterprise at the very beginning of founding.

Rudy Rong, the founder of Magic Cube, was born in a game family. In March 2016, the company acquired post-seed investment from Plug and Play, a Silicon Valley based early stage investor, and launched the famous live game “LuLu VR”. The game helped Rudy Rong won “Forbes 2017 30 Under 30 China.” Magic Cube began to expand its game publishing and channel business and obtained angel investment from Oriza Holdings and Joinne Investment.

In 2018, Magic Cube began to explore the construction of decentralized entertainment network ecology, which won the favor of NEO, Blue Port, and other investment institutions. At that time, Magic Cube’s ecosystem already had thousands of off-line members, covering 23 Chinese cities in China and 11 states in America. At present, Magic Cube’s LP has many high-quality funds, say Bloomberg, and veterans of the game industry such as Nasdaq and Perfect World.

MCC token is a NEP-5 token and was designed to provide a convenient and secure mode of payment and settlement between participants who interact within the ecosystem. With MCC, users may participate in IGOs of all kinds of games and can exchange game tokens through Magic Cube platform. As an issuer, at its later stage, Magic Cube will also charge listing fees. With the prosperity of ecology and the rise of MCC price, eventually, a positive circular economy model is being formed.

Partnership with BitMart – the Live Game Show and Token Sale

With its unique vision, BitMart is dedicated to provide the blockchain game empire – MCC to its investors.

On May 28th 8:00 AM and May 29th 10:00 PM (EDT), BitMart will join Magic Cube to launch a unique two rounds of Live Game Shows. Specifically, users can get access to the page via links on Magic Cube Exchange, Magic Cube WeChat Official Account, BitMart Exchange or Magic Cube Official Website. Participants may start 12 multiple-choice questions and are required to choose the right answer within 10 seconds for each. Only participants who choose the correct answer will be eligible to continue the game. Those who choose a wrong answer will fail but they can share the event link to get a second chance to rejoin the game show.

Starting from the 10th question, participants can split rewards if they choose the correct answer. Rewards settings are as follows (the rewards set for the two rounds of the show are the same):

  • 10,000 MCC (the 10th question)
  • 250 RMB (the 11th question)
  • 2,500 BMX (the 12th question)

Participants who answer all the 12 questions correctly will be the winners and are eligible to split the intraday quota of MCC (in equivalent amount of 200 ETH). If there is still any supply not yet completely distributed after the two rounds of the Live Game Show, all the remaining supplies will be open to sale starting at 8:00 AM on May 30. Users will be able to purchase MCC with ETH or BMX.

Starting from 8:00 AM on May 23, users can click “Claim Early Bird Bonus” button on BitMart Launchpad page to get on the whitelist. The first 500 users who fill out the Google form will be able to claim 200 MMC after purchasing MMC successfully.

About BitMart

BitMart is a premier global digital asset trading platform in the cryptocurrency market with over 700,000 users worldwide and ranks among the top 5 crypto exchanges on CoinMarketCap. BitMart currently offers 218 trading pairs with one of the relatively low trading fees in the market. BitMart’s daily trading volume ranges from $800,000,000 to $1,000,000,000 USD and total trading volume has reached over $55,000,000,000 USD since launching in March 2018.

To learn more about BitMart, visit their Website, Twitter or join their Telegram.

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