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Aryacoin – A Cryptocurrency for Fast and Stable Transactions

Aryacoin – A Cryptocurrency for Fast and Stable Transactions

What is Aryacoin?

Aryacoin is a new cryptocurrency that was designed to facilitate the peer-to-peer transfer of money through digital means, similar to how Bitcoin and Litecoin work. The difference, however, is that the AYA cryptocurrency was created to have real world use cases.

Users will be able to transact with the coin without verification processes; this is because trading platforms will be set up in different locations to allow them to buy or sell AYA without any restrictions. The AYA coin was developed to serve as a link between the blockchain and fiat world, as users are able to gain access to the currency via offline exchanges.

Stable Transfer Fee

A unique characteristic of Aryacoin is its stable fee structure. When transferring AYA from one wallet to another, the fee generated on the Aryacoin blockchain is constant at all times. This means that the AYA transfer fee is not affected by how much you transact or by block’s size, unlike with other cryptocurrencies.

Each AYA transaction will incur a fee of 0.001 AYA coins, regardless of the transferred amount and network activity. Other platforms increase their transaction fees during network congestion or intense periods of activity.

Offline Exchanges

The Aryacoin team has dedicated itself into establishing partnerships with different offline vendors that would allow users to buy and sell AYA coins directly at fixed/variable prices by using cash.

This would increase the accessibility of the coin and would allow users to use it without the restrictions and regulations that come with online.

By directly engaging with AYA through offline vendors, where no personal details are required, users will be able to enjoy the anonymity which was promised by cryptocurrencies. This way of interacting also allows less tech-savvy people to get involved with the cryptomarket and its underlying technology.

In these offline exchanges, traders will be able to transact their AYA coins free of any charges. The project’s team will be launching its first offline exchanges in locations throughout the USA, Europe, and Turkey.

Online Exchange Support

Although Aryacoin is a crypto project that was recently launched, the team is working round the clock to have AYA listed on the most prominent crypto exchanges on the market. Currently, users are able to sell and trade AYA on Crex24 against Bitcoin and two fiat currencies, USD and EUR. Another exchange that features the AYA/BTC pair is CoinExchange.

Other partners from the crypto industry include DigitalCoinTech, GmbH and, a reputable online payment processor for cryptocurrencies. The AYA coins can also be used on the project’s sister platform,

Transact Anonymously with AYA coin

AYA transactions allow users to maintain a certain degree of anonymity. After sending their funds to any of the network’s public nodes, users will have to sign the transaction using their wallet’s private key.

Aryacoin is a new Proof-of-Work cryptocurrency that wants to give its users the freedom of buying and selling AYA on offline exchanges without any limitations.

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