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Portuguese Football Club SL Benfica Accepts Crypto Payments in Partnership with UTRUST

In a watershed moment for cryptocurrency adoption, Portuguese football champions S.L Benfica have become the very first major European football club to accept cryptocurrency as a means to purchase game tickets and merchandise, in partnership with crypto-payment solution UTRUST. Cryptocurrency and football enthusiasts alike can visit the S.L Benfica store to pick up their merchandise now!


Best known for playing in the top football league in Portugal, the Primeira Liga, where they are presently champions and most successful with the most titles won, Portugal’s most popular football club, S.L Benfica, has partnered with UTRUST to bring digital currencies to a gigantic audience of potential participants, redefining the position of the nascent technology on the global stage.

By Tapping an international fan base of over 14 million supporters and a 7 million strong social media following, the partnership is primed to bolster the presence of cryptocurrencies as a legitimate and robust financial tool.

Excitedly describing the move, S.L. Benfica CEO, Domingos Soares de Oliveira stated:

“This is an exciting day in the history of S.L. Benfica as we announce our decision to accept cryptocurrency payments.”

Adding to his thoughts:

“[…] we recognize that many of our supporters are now digital users first so we want to be ahead of the curve when it comes to adopting novel technologies and giving our supporters the best online experience. We are very excited about the possibilities that this partnership with UTRUST presents in the evolution of our e-commerce strategy and we look forward to accepting our first cryptocurrency payment.”

Crypto Made Simple

UTRUST, the Swiss crypto-payments solution is leagues ahead of competitors as from the very beginning of its journey it has set out to modernize the finance and payments industry with buyer protections, immediate crypto-to-cash settlements for merchants and instant transactions.

At its core, the technology offered by UTRUST brings the advantage of increased security and convenience via blockchain payments, without having to fret over the ever-present volatility that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are famous for, and as a result are often shunned as a sound payment method.

Through the UTRUST platform, customers can pay with the native UTRUST token (UTK) or other major cryptos such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. According to UTRUST Co-Founder and CEO, Nuno Correia, this is a “major milestone for UTRUST and the blockchain ecosystem as a whole”, noting the millions of followers and fans that the club carries.

Looking at the bigger picture, it can be argued this partnership will foster exponential growth for the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, especially in the realm of payments. Notoriously, cryptocurrencies have received a relatively bad reputation for being a complicated technology with entry barriers that deter newbies, novices and skeptics from even purchasing their first crypto.

However, when football, arguably the most popular sport on the planet, begins to dip its toes into crypto-waters, it is likely that this will stoke other clubs, sports, franchises, and their fans to get onboard with the rapidly emerging cryptocurrency ecosystem which is making huge waves across industries around the world.  

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