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SOMESING – A User-Centric Social Music Platform

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Karaoke is presently one of the most interactive entertainment forms in the world. It was originally developed in the year 1970 in a small town in Japan. Karaoke allows users to recreate popular songs over pre-recorded music using a microphone. From Karaoke machines to user-friendly and convenient applications, over the years, this globally reckoned entertainment form has witnessed the tremendous transformation. Its popularity is growing with every passing year and presently there are over 500 Million active participants of the Karaoke application.

Loopholes Associated with the Existing Karaoke System

While karaoke is a popular platform for entertainment, it could certainly be made better by undermining a few critical setbacks. Users are enjoying conventional karaoke platforms but a limited offering of services impact their experience within these systems. Additionally, users also fail to obtain any benefits from their contributions and efforts.

SOMESING- A User-Centric Solution

With the aim to eliminate the aforementioned inefficiencies of the conventional karaoke system, SOMESING has designed an out-of-the-box platform, which will not only help users follow their passion towards music but also benefit economically from their contributions within the ecosystem. To accomplish the same, the team has leveraged blockchain technology that enables the platform to offer unlimited free music services and create a fair compensation system.

Token Sale and its Allocation

Users will be rewarded with SOMESING tokens (SSX) for their contributions. The platform intends to launch its first ICO on February 11th, 2019, 10:00 am (KST). In this ICO, SOMESING will be issuing 10 Billion SSX tokens and the allocation is planned to be executed in the following manner

  • Sales – 30%
  • Community – 25%
  • Team and Others – 15%
  • Sales Bonus – 10%
  • Dex – 10%

Functioning of SOMESING

The user will get a long list of popular songs that they can choose to recreate for free depending on their preferences. Once users upload the songs on the system, a song wallet will be generated automatically, which incorporates coins in the form of events, gifts, and supports etc. The coins are stored within this secure wallet for a predetermined time period, post which, the tokens will be distributed among the users through a smart contract based on their contribution.

SOMESING Reinforced by State-of-the-Art Technologies

In order to provide a unique experience to users, the platform has integrated the latest technologies that enable it to offer an array of technological advantages including:

Sync and Sound

  • Adjust the songs note base key to user’s voice
  • Adjust voice input and audio latency control
  • Control Accompaniment (MR) volume to align with user’s voice
  • Effect contract functions such as echo, reverb, room size, etc.


  • Personal edit function for each song segment
  • Mimic function for edited parts
  • Switch function for male/female sections
  • Various function to create duet content
  • Conserves edit resources while offering new music


  • Maximized MCN function

SOMESING – A Musical Haven for Karaoke Enthusiasts

SOMESING will not only help the user to showcase their talent globally by recreating their favorite music but also gain monetary benefits for their efforts. The platform has leveraged the potentials of transformational and robust technologies including blockchain and smart contract in order to provide a secure, transparent, and rewarding digital Karaoke platform for music lovers across the globe.

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