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Safer Crypto Investments are now Possible through CryptoProfile

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With token offerings numbering more than 1200 in 2018, one of the biggest investor confusions has always been on which token to invest in. With over 80 percent of projects destined to fail, backers and investors are left to a roll of the dice when it comes to making the right call of who to fund.

Boosting Investor Confidence through CryptoProfile

The very reason that cryptocurrencies are designed to be free from government influence is what has become the biggest issue. Without regulations, backers of a project had only the power of information that was presented to them, with no fraud security in place, to make decisions.

A new platform, CryptoProfile, aims to help investors breathe a sigh of relief. The platform lists projects that are real and legitimate, with a verified listing which helps investors seek out projects that have less of a chance of going bad.

On the project front, the listing helps dedicated developers and project owners by boosting them above others who have a lower chance of success or are scams.

Creating a Cryptocurrency Profile

CryptoProfile is a platform that creates a complete profile of a project before listing it. It looks at a number of aspects to make decisions:

  • Is it a real life issue being catered by the project?
  • The number of competitors, their stages of development and saturation.
  • Developer team’s credibility.
  • The technical aspects of the project
  • Utility and applications of the project token
  • Regulation compliance.

For its services, the CryptoProfile platform requires a USD 10,000 deposit as its marketing fee. The fee is, however, not a sunk investment. The platform offers in exchange, its own internal token, the CP, in equivalent value. The tokens are time locked for 6 months or till the project token is successfully listed on an exchange (whichever comes first).

CryptoProfile also requires 10 percent of project tokens, which it distributes via airdrop to its CP token holders. This not only gives possible investors free tokens, but also generates interest in platform users to seek out the project thereby increasing chances of interest and ultimately investment.

Strictly for Token Sales: CP Token

CryptoProfile’s platform uses its native token, the CP, for monetary and investment services. The CP token is currently being sold during the initial token sale event that will last till the end of January. Early birds can get their hands on 1 CP for USD 0.05, with a minimum of USD 500 investment. From 1st February onwards, the main event will start, which will see the discount being finished and 1 CP will be available for USD 0.1. With 591,474,747 CP available in the total event out of 753,471,015, the platform has already achieved its soft cap of USD 1,162,556.

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