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Crypto Ratings, Price Targets, and Qualitative Analysis Platform BuySellHODL Launches With Android and Apple Support

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A newly launched, easy-to-use mobile cryptocurrency analysis app BuySellHODL founded by entrepreneur and crypto-enthusiast Clifford Lerner aims to provide its users with qualitative analysis based on traders’ community market sentiments in real-time. The platform is available on the web, Android and Apple devices.

Clifford Lerner is the author of best-selling business book for startups, “Explosive Growth – A Few Things I Learned Growing To 100 Million Users”. His newly developed crypto platform BuySellHODL features live crypto ratings, Bitcoin price target projections, crypto news, and a fun live bitcoin game with a real prize pool.

A Very Sentimental Crypto Market

Demystifying cryptocurrency trading can be a daunting task especially with unpredictable market volatility, which oftentimes also deters new players. However, with the BuySellHODL app, it doesn’t appear to be all gloom. The crypto ratings and price feature of the app creates an invaluable qualitative analysis tool built on the wisdom of the crowd, which in turn can be leveraged by users with little to no trading experiences as well as by experts.

Clifford Lerner stated:

There is a severe lack of compelling data and real-time analysis on cryptocurrencies. Our app addresses these shortcomings head-on, by providing the first of its kind crypto-currency content. By querying our community of users, we’re able to create fresh, real-time, and unbiased cryptocurrency ratings and price target data, while eliminating the inherent shortcomings and biases of qualitative ratings data that give little insights into the trends.

The platform collates users’ responses on market dynamics and associated crypto sentiments and translates these to collective intelligence. The data is fed into a proprietary algorithm allows it to transform the qualitative data into quantitative inferences, which is then published and updated hourly on its website as well as on its Android and Apple mobile apps. The inference provides statistical projections on three fundamental positions on the market: Buy, Sell, or Hodl.

Lerner adds:

Furthermore, our unique methods of generating the coin ratings and price targets enables us to provide differentiated data and analysis regarding the sentiment trends for each coin and the overall cryptocurrency market. We will be publishing the historical data for the top cryptocurrencies and overall market, making the BuySellHODL data a must-have tool for all crypto followers. In terms of the data, enthusiasts remain optimistic despite the current bear-market.  More than half of the users (53%) currently say to “Buy,” cryptocurrencies, compared to 21% saying “HODL” and only 26% saying “Sell,” and it will be interesting to see how this trends over time.”   

Basically, what the app is programmed to achieve is helping the users make informed trading decisions based on market trends influenced by traders’ sentiments. As an example, if Bitcoin has earned a “Buy” rating with a 12-month price target of $6,662.29, and the rating distribution breaks down as follows: 60% Buy, 22% HODL, and 19% Sell, Users of the app can then make informed decision based on the sentiments on projected market dynamics relevant to the price target.

Unique Features and Expectations

Features of the platform include a real-time data system with price targets being updated in real time, and the ratings are updated daily; quantitative information outputted by its proprietary formula when ratings and targets are fed into the system; a sentiment analysis that correlates Bitcoin trends as well as critical shifts in community opinion.

Currently, only Bitcoin’s market is being explored. According to the roadmap, the project will expand its algorithm to other top altcoins such as Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), EOS, Zcash (ZEC), TRON (TRX), Binance Coin (BNB), Stellar (XLM), and Ethereum Classic (ETC).

Moreover, an expert-based cryptocurrency analysis section will be incorporate into the algorithm to draw up more complex data from more experienced crypto traders and thought-leaders. Another section dedicated to regional analysis to help crypto enthusiasts who would want to take advantage of trading opportunities exclusive to certain geographic area such as: USA, Japan, Brazil, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, China, Argentina, Estonia, and Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, and Indonesia.

To learn more about BuySellHODL visit the website, follow BuySellHodl on Twitter, or chat with the team members on Telegram.

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