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Newsflash: New York Suffers Blackout – What’s Causing the Massive Power Outage?

Newsflash: New York Suffers Blackout – What’s Causing the Massive Power Outage?

A number of states in the Northeast and Midwest are suffering a major power outage due to a storm. | Source: Shutterstock

New York Power Outage: In the early hours of Monday morning, as New Yorkers are waking up for work, they’re about to find the lights are out. Around 500,000 people across New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan are currently without access to power–why?

This is the situation in the northeast of the country this morning as the city that never sleeps finds itself silenced.

What’s Causing the Outage?

The blame for the power outage seems to lie with dangerously high winds that have knocked down power lines in the area. This is not good news for half a million people without access to hot water, heating, or coffee.

It also won’t go down well with the millions of workers, students, and any other commuters needing to leave their houses today. The New York power outage means they won’t be able to get to their destinations.

#RIGHTNOW: The @nationalgridus power outage map shows most outages in Western New York – check this link to monitor outages:

— Leanne DeRosa (@CBS6Leanne) February 25, 2019

There are also numerous flights delayed to and from New York airports currently.

Flights to/from Toronto, Boston, Chicago and New York area airports are experiencing delays due to weather (winds). Please contact your airline for more information.

— BWI Marshall Airport (@BWI_Airport) February 25, 2019

The unforgiving conditions will also render restoration efforts almost impossible. Most people are expected to be without power throughout the entire day. Strong winds of up to 62 miles per hour have also uprooted trees, ravaged homes, and upturned cars across the country.

Wind damage, power outages reported across Western New York

— DJ Nonny Nonn (@djnonnynonn) February 25, 2019

Some were quick to call the blackout in the one of the world’s major city an attack of terrorism:

#Terrorism? Power outage in new York and San Francisco today. It’s not a coincidence 🇰🇵

— Auspice Angel (@auspiceangel) April 21, 2017

However, it’s pretty clear that Mother Nature is the author of this savage attack in a global climate that keeps on getting harsher–despite the U.S. president’s refusal to acknowledge climate change.

Weather and Travel Warnings

There is currently a high wind warning in place across New York and several other states until 6 pm Monday. On the National Weather Service website, it states that:


This Hazardous Weather Outlook is for southern Connecticut, northeast New Jersey and southeast New York…. Please listen to NOAA Weather Radio or go to on the Internet for more information about the following hazards.

Strong wind gusts will also likely bring down more trees and power lines in the area. This could result in further power outages as Monday unfolds. And for those hoping to return to normality soon, sorry to say, it looks as if they could be without power for some time.

Damages from the New York Power Outage

Shelters will be opening for those whose homes suffered damage in the storm. The travel warning has also been issued to keep casualties to a minimum, with residents urges to avoid all unnecessary travel from 1 pm Sunday and continuing throughout Monday.

The damage is expected to be contained to falling trees and power lines. However, gusting winds of over 60 miles an hour may also cause extreme damage to property, and anyone walking or traveling in their cars at this time.

The windward shoreline of the Great Lakes is also susceptible to flooding, which could cause additional damage in this area. And Lake Eire in Buffalo, New York, is another area on red alert.

BUF issues Areal Flood Warning for Erie, Niagara [NY] till 12:30 PM EST

— NWS Buffalo (@NWSBUFFALO) February 25, 2019

If the high winds continue, they will clash with a cold front coming in. This could cause severe blizzard conditions and make reparations impossible, rendering millions of people without power for days.

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