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This Surging Cryptocurrency Spiked 200% in 2019, Could Amazingly Double Before 2020

This Surging Cryptocurrency Spiked 200% in 2019, Could Amazingly Double Before 2020

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EOS is up 200 percent this year and could likely double again before the turn of the year. | Source: Shutterstock

By CCN: The EOS fireworks are just getting started. The commonly touted fundamental factors are June’s event in Washington and the purchase of 3.3 million tokens worth of RAM described as pushing the price up. There are also rumors that a game-changing announcement will be made in June. These developments have certainly helped the cause of this cryptocurrency but these are not the major catalysts driving the price up.

Over the last few weeks, the smart money has shown its hands as EOS continues to move with strong bullish momentum. In this article, there’s a case to be made why EOS is likely to double in value before the year ends. The cryptocurrency is already up 205% so far in 2019.

EOS Made an Unmistakable Technical Reversal on the Longer Timeframe

If you’re a hodler of the cryptocurrency, now is the time to start celebrating. EOS suffered through a long and brutal bear winter that began in April 2018 and effectively ended this month. Yes, the downtrend that lasted for one year and one month appears to finally be over.

EOS weekly chart

Undeniable inverse head-and-shoulders reversal breakout on the weekly chart | Source: TradingView

In the chart above, you will see how EOS breached resistance of $6.00. This triggered the breakout from a large inverse head-and-shoulders pattern. As you can see, EOS painted this structure for nine months. That’s a lot of time build a base in cryptocurrency trading.

In addition, the technical reversal looks valid considering that EOS is now trading above $8.00. That’s a growth of over 33 percent since the breakout.

Buy This Cryptocurrency on Dips

With the technical reversal, EOS in is now a buy on dips candidate. We wouldn’t suggest buying the current breakout rally. The cryptocurrency is showing signs of bullish exhaustion on the shorter timeframe.

EOS daily chart

EOS showing signs of weakness on the daily chart | Source: TradingView

The best move right now is to wait for this rally to fade. Eventually, those who bought the bottom and the breakout will take profits. The pressure to sell will likely increase every day as the daily RSI flashes overheated signals. It is trading in overbought territory while showing a bearish divergence.

Stay on the sidelines for now and consider entering after the pullback. There’s a very good chance that EOS will retest $6.00 before resuming its uptrend.

EOS End-of-Year Target is $12.00

EOS remains in a strong uptrend even though we expect a considerable pullback. That bias is valid as long as the market trades above $6.00 which is the neckline of the inverse head-and-shoulders pattern.

Using the height of the pattern for our target price, we can see EOS easily tapping $10.00.

EOS target chart

EOS has the potential to climb as high as $12.00 before the year ends | Source: TradingView

Upon closer inspection, we noticed that $10.00 is not much of a resistance. Therefore, the bullish momentum should carry the market to as high as $12.00 before the end of 2019. This is a conservative target considering that we have half a year to reach that goal.

Bottom Line

If you agree with our analysis, wait for the correction and buy as close to $6.00 as possible. If bulls can keep EOS above the neckline, the initial target is $10.00. Take that out and EOS will likely climb to $12.00.

Click here for a real-time EOS price chart.

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