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What a bit! 5G Race and How to Prevent Yourself from Being Spied

5G Race and How to Prevent Yourself from Being Spied

In this latest episode of What a bit!, watch William Grant discussing 5G race and his 3 step program that he uses to save himself from being spied by Government.

5G is a mobile data speed and will be the 5th generation of wireless technology. Currently, 4G is the fastest but 5G promises to be 100 times faster than 4G.

Imagine this, you’re using 4G and you’re running as fast as you can, stop, snort cocaine, take a hit of meth with the cops behind you and run, now you’re 5G. Sounds awesome, right internet speed being so fast?

The ability to download anything faster than before but don’t ride the hype train for too long because there are worries about 5G. Everything from data getting eaten up to China potentially spying on us with Huawei, a multinational technology company that sells consumer electronics including smartphones and is now a front runner up to be the creator of 5g.

In the hopes of winning the “who launches 5g first”, Donald Trump signed off on a ban on equipment from Huawei last year and the ban was under the Defense Authorization Act considering Huawei national security with the threat of Chinese spying. This is just another story on who gets to spy on us.

About The Author

William Grant

William Grant is the anchor and scriptwriter for CCN TV. He is based in US, New Jersey. Before joining CCN, he was working as a freelance video spokesperson. He sees news stories from a unique perspective and writes his scripts from a fresh and sarcastic point of view.Follow him on Twitter @William37080379 or email him directly at Billygrant93(at)

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